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Buffalo Recycles

Learn how the City of Buffalo's recycling rate has changed over time by hovering over the interactive visualizations below. To learn more about your neighborhood's recycling initiatives and what is and isn't recyclable, check out Buffalo Recycles. For even more context about Buffalo's Recycling Program, check out the 2018 Annual Recycling Report.

Curbside Recycling (Tons) by Year (2011 - 2018)
The timeline below shows the improving trend in the tonnage collected through curbside recycling each year from 2011 to 2018. Since 2012, curbside recycling has increased on average by 664 tons per year.  Scroll your cursor over the timeline to find the tonnage collected in a given year. 

Curbside Recycling (Tons) by Month (2011 - Present)
This time series breaks down the collection of curbside recycling in tons by month. The annual trend of curbside recycling is increasing, but this rate is shown to fluctuate throughout the year. Curbside recycling rates typically peak in the spring and tend to dip in the winter, particularly in the month of February. 

Curbside Garbage (Tons) by Month (2011 - Present) 
This time graph displays the tonnage of curbside garbage collected by month since 2011. Peaks in curbside garbage collection typically occur during the warmer summer months. 

Distribution of Curbside Collection Type (2018)
This pie chart visualizes the apportionment of curbside collection in tons between garbage, recycling, and yard waste material for 2018. Yard waste is diverted from the landfill and turned into compost.

Distribution of Garbage Collection and Landfill Diversion (2018)
This pie chart compares the total tonnage of various waste types diverted from landfills and the total tonnage of garbage sent to the landfill in the City of Buffalo. In 2018, well over a quarter of waste materials were diverted from the landfill in the City of Buffalo.

Curbside Garbage vs. Recycling by Month (2011 - 2018)
This line chart demonstrates the difference in tonnage between curbside garbage and curbside recycling collections per month from 2011 through 2018. 

Curbside Monthly Recycling Rates (%) by Neighborhood (February 2018)
This horizontal bar chart collates the curbside month recycling rates of Buffalo's neighborhoods. Adjust the drop down filter to delimit your search by neighborhood.

Neighborhood Recycling Rates (February 2017- March 2018)
Click on a specific neighborhood on the map to see that neighborhood's average curbside recycling rate for the most current month. A line chart below the map shows the neighborhood's monthly recycling trends since February 2017.
Green neighborhoods have the highest rates, followed by yellow, and then red with lowest rates.

City of Buffalo Recycling
The City of Buffalo Department of Public Works Streets & Sanitation Division is responsible for solid waste management systems.
Recovery programs such as waste prevention, recycling, reuse and composting of organic material are more cost effective and sustainable than disposal. The City of Buffalo uses single-stream curbside recycling for all residential structures as well as commercial entities in designated commercial districts.