Retail Food Stores in Buffalo, NY

This story highlights information on retail food stores that hold an Article 20-C food processing establishment license or an Article 28 license in Buffalo, New York. Retail food stores include establishments such as convenience stores, bodegas, grocery stores, and supermarkets. The enforcement of New York State Agriculture and Markets Laws and Regulations has jurisdiction over 30, 000 food handling establishments, including approximately 26,000 retail food stores.
The dataset used to craft this dashboard is owned by NY Open Data. The Retail Food Stores dataset is accessible on our portal through our federated domain. For additional context on this data provided by the Department of Agriculture and Markets, see their data dictionary. To ask a question, make a comment, or point out something about the data illustrated in this story, please email
Food establishment demographic information is primarily collected from license applications submitted to the Department of Agriculture and Markets’s Licensing Unit. Changes in food establishment information are also submitted by Food Inspectors based on information collected during routine inspections. When Food Inspectors encounter changes in establishment information, an operation change report is completed and submitted to the License Unit for entry into the food establishment database. Please note that this dataset is from a snap-shot in time and may not always reflect the day-to-day operations of an establishment.

Retail Food Stores (Buffalo)

Each point on the map below indicates a retail food store licensed by the Department of Agriculture and Markets. Zoom in and select a point to see details of the store. To delimit your results by establishment type, entity name, or street name, adjust the drop-down filter and click "Apply" to filter the data displayed on the map. For a full list of establishment type codes, view the establishment type code list associated with this dataset. 

Retail Food Stores by Zip Code (Buffalo)

The following density map displays the number of licensed retail food stores in each of Buffalo's zip codes. Scroll over the map to see details of a particular zip code. Adjust the search parameters to specify your map by establishment type, "Doing Business As" (DBA) name, or by square footage.

Retail Food Stores (Buffalo)

This horizontal bar chart displays the number of retail food stores in Buffalo under a given corporate entity name. Use the drop-down filters to delimit your search, and click and drag to pan the chart and extend your view. 

Retail Food Stores by Square Footage (sq. ft) (Buffalo)
This column chart shows average store size by corporate entity. Entities operating under Walmart Stores Inc. (now Walmart Inc.) in Buffalo average at 190,000 square feet, approximately the size of 3.5 NFL football fields. 

Distribution of Top 12 Retail Food Stores by Entity Name (Buffalo)
This pie chart reveals the distribution of the twelve most prevalent retail food stores in Buffalo. With 25 individual retail food st0res, Family Dollar Stores of NY Inc. owns approximately 21% of the top 12 licensed entities and 10% of the total retail food store located in Buffalo. 

Distribution of Retail Food Stores by Establishment Type (Buffalo)
As illustrated in the pie chart, well over half of Buffalo's retail food stores are Multiple Operations, Food Manufacturer Store (JAC) establishments. For a full list of establishment type codes, see the Department of Agriculture and Markets data dictionary.

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets' mission is to foster a competitive food and agriculture industry that benefits producers and consumers alike. They work to promote a viable agricultural industry, foster agricultural environmental stewardship, and safeguard our food supply. The enforcement of New York State Agriculture and Markets Laws and Regulations provides a vital service that is critical in maintaining the safety of the food supply from producer to the retailer.