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 311 Call & Resolution Center

Look into the City of Buffalo 311 Call & Resolution Center's past and current service requests by scrolling over the interactive graphics below. To learn more about the 311 Call & Resolution Center, head over to 311 Call and Resolution Center. To obtain information on or access city services, call 311 or 851-4890, or submit and track your request through the City of Buffalo's Self Service Portal

Open Service Requests
The 311 Call & Resolution Center streamlines the processing of requests made by constituents, commuters, and people who have a vested interest within the City of Buffalo. Service requests currently in progress are displayed in the map below. 
Click the drop-down menu in the search bar to filter your map by specific types of requests.

Open Service Requests
By Census Tract
Open Service Requests
By Council District
Move your cursor over the following interactive maps to view the distribution of service requests in progress across Buffalo's census tracts and council districts.

Service Requests By Census Tract     
(July 2008 - Present) 
Service Requests By Council District 
(July 2008 - Present) 
These maps visualize the number of service requests that reference properties in each of Buffalo's census tracts and council districts since July of 2008. See how many requests were placed from each region by hovering over the area. 

Service Requests by Month (July 2008 - Present)
This chart displays the amount of 311 service requests opened since July of 2008. The number of reports made to the 311 Call Center fluctuates throughout the year with most spikes occurring in the warmer summer months. The quantity of calls typically falls in the low 4,000s during cold months such as December, January, or February and increases to an average slightly above 7,000 in warmer months such as June, July, or August.

Top Five Case Referrals by Month  (July 2008 - Present)
Hover over the chart below to see what types of services requests were opened in a given month in the City of Buffalo. This time series highlights reports that received the five most common referrals: engineering, housing, parking, sanitation, and streets.
February of 2015 marked the coldest month in Buffalo's recorded history. With 46.2 inches of snow, it's easy to imagine why the Buffalo Department of Streets received an incredibly high number of service requests. 

10 Most Frequent Service Request Types in 2018
Over 40% of service needs addressed last year involved a housing violation or request for a replacement garbage tote. 77,629 service calls were opened in 2018, and two-thirds of those calls were directed to sanitation, streets, and housing divisions.

Types of Service Requested by Council District in 2018
This chart presents the top 10 requests filed from each district in 2018. To view the department or responsible agency to which the service calls were referred, hover over the colored sections of the bar. To view a summary report, hover over the district's name on the vertical axis. 
The distribution of calls apportioned to each respective agency differs across districts. For example, 32% of requests made by citizens of University Districts were housing violation reports, which is over twice the proportion of housing violation calls made by residents of Delaware District.  

Service Request Types By Council District (July 2008 - Present)
Service requests made from each of the nine Common Council Districts differ in both number and type. To see how 311 calls compare across districts for each type of request, click and drag the interactive map below to extend your view.
Housing Violation Complaints
Tote Replacement Requests
Over the past 10 years, residents of Fillmore District have filed the greatest number of service requests regarding housing violations. 
Citizens of Masten District have made the most 311 calls to replace or make changes to the garbage totes assigned to their property. 

Cases Opened by Day (2018)
The following graph displays the numbers of service calls placed each day of last year. As shown below, the quantity of filed service requests fluctuates throughout the week. Click and drag to pan the chart and see trends throughout the year. The slope often peaks on Tuesday or Wednesday and dramatically falls with the arrival of the weekend. 

311 Call & Resolution Center
The City of Buffalo 311 Call and Resolution Center's mission is to provide citizens with access to City services, City information and non-emergency police services with the highest possible levels of customer service and satisfaction.
The 311 Call Center strives to help City agencies provide efficient service delivery by allowing them to focus on their core missions and manage workloads efficiently, while providing insight into the needs of residents and ensuring that accurate and consistent services are delivered citywide to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Buffalo.