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Buffalo Arts Commission

Discover the the City's publicly owned and sited inventory of art and aesthetic property by delving into the interactive displays below. To visit images and information on the Buffalo Arts Commission Asset Collection, see their online catalog. To learn more about the committee responsible for promoting, enhancing, and strengthening the arts in Buffalo, check out the Buffalo Arts Commission's webpage

Publicly Owned and Sited Art
The Buffalo Arts Commission's collection currently consists of more than 200 artworks and decorative objects. Scroll over and click on points on the interactive map below to learn more about each asset.
To delimit your search by title, artist, and/or type, adjust the values of the drop down filter menus.

The Six Most Prolific Artists in the Public Collection
The following bar chart shows the six artists that have contributed the greatest number of works to the City. Ranking highest on the list, William De Leftwich Dodge was commissioned to create six large murals found in City Hall's lobby to represent the City's role as a border city and commitment to providing services of  "Charity," "Protection," "Education," and "Construction."
Publicly Owned and Sited Art by Census Tract
This heat map shows how Buffalo's census tracts compare in the number of publicly sited artwork and decorative objects visible within their geographic region. Scroll over the map to see the quantity of assets found in each census tract. 

Distribution of 12 Most Common Media
As illustrated in the pie chart, the majority of assets among those created with the twelve most common mediums were produced using oil on canvas (30%). Over 46% of the works were built with bronze, granite, or a combination of the two materials. Bronze and granite have strong resistance to corrosion from environmental pressures and are a common media for outdoor sculpture. 

Number of Works Created or Dedicated by Year (1800 - Present)
The timeline below displays the date works of art were created or dedicated. The most contributions were made in 1931 with the completion of Buffalo City Hall. Eight of these pieces were commissioned works by William De Leftwich Dodge and Albert Stewart.
Scroll along the timeline to view the number of assets attributed to each year. Note that approximately 37% of assets in the collection have an unknown creation or dedication date.

Distribution of Public Art by 20 Most Common Types
Portraits compose the largest proportion of works within the twenty most common types (29%), followed by plaques (16%) and figurative objects (13%). Move your cursor over the remaining slices of the pie chart to see how this collection is apportioned across various types of aesthetic form. 

Buffalo Arts Commission
Founded in 1980, the Buffalo Arts Commission is comprised of 15 volunteer members appointed by the Mayor and Common Council President. It is the responsibility of the Commission to promote, enhance and strengthen the arts in Buffalo, encouraging the artistic life of city neighborhoods with particular attention to preserving and promoting cultural diversity.
The Commission works closely with the Mayor and Common Council concerning the acquisition, appropriation, maintenance, inventory, and representation of works of art and aesthetic City property.