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Business Licenses

Learn about and visualize active business licenses issued by the Division of Licenses in the Department of Permit & Inspection Services. A valid license is required to conduct certain businesses within the official limits of the City of Buffalo. Licenses are required for certain business types in order to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of the City. Upon submittal of a license application, the Office of Licenses will coordinate various reviews and inspections by agencies such as the Building Inspection Office, Fire Prevention Bureau, Health Department, Police Department, zoning, etc. in order to assist individuals in obtaining a city license.
Looking to start a business in Buffalo? Check out this webpage for local resources. To contact the Division of Licenses office for additional information, call 716-851-4949.

Active Business Licenses
Each point on the map below indicates an active business license issued by the Department of Permit & Inspections. Zoom in and select a point to see details of the license. To specify the name, description, and/or expiration date of licenses displayed on your map, adjust the drop-down filters and click "Apply" to delimit the results. 

Active Business Licenses By Description
To specify the chart by a particular business, neighborhood, council district, and/or census tract, adjust the drop-down filters and click "Apply" to update the visualization. 

Active Business Licenses Issuance Date by Council District
Delimit your results by license description or adjust the issuance date using the filters.

Active Business Licenses and Green Code Zoning
On January 3, 2017, Mayor Byron W. Brown signed the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) into law.  The Green Code UDO represents the first major overhaul to City zoning laws since 1953 and will serve as the City’s blueprint for zoning and development in the 21st Century. The Common Council unanimously approved the “Green Code” on December 27, 2016. 
Different business types are only allowed in certain parts of the city. It is illegal to run a business in a building that is not zoned for that type of activity. Special Permits can be received if the property isn't zoned for a specific type of business. To find out if a Special Permit is required for a business location, consult the Zoning Ordinance for the district.
The implementation of the UDO required new forms for many types of applications for zoning and subdivision approvals. For more information, check out this webpage.

Department of Permit and Inspection Services
The Department of Permit and Inspection Services oversees all development and uses on private property in the City of Buffalo. 
Their mission is to guide residents and property owners through the license and/or permit process and to review and inspect projects to ensure safety and compliance with the New York State Building and Fire Code, the Buffalo Green Code, and all other appropriate codes or ordinances.