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Permit & Inspection Services

Learn about and visualize all permits issued from 1/2/2007 by the Department of Permit & Inspection Services. Permits are required for new buildings, additions, changes of use, remodeling, repairs, flat work, decks, sheds, and demolitions on residential and commercial sites. To file an ePermit, review the City's six-step permit process, or view the permit fee schedule, visit the Building Permit webpage.

Permits Issued (2007 - Present)
Each point on the map below indicates a permit issued by the Department of Permit & Inspection services from 2007 to today. Zoom in and select a point to see details of the permit. To specify the type and/or issuance date of permits displayed on your map, adjust the drop-down filters and click "Apply" to delimit the results. 

Permits Issued in 2017 By Council District and Census Tract
The following density maps display the number of permits issued across Buffalo's common council districts and census tracts in 2017. Scroll over the map to see each area's permit total for the year, or adjust the permit type parameter with the drop-down filter to specify the data included in the visualization. 
Council District (2017)
Census Tract (2017)
Permits Issued In 2017 by Month
10,892 permits were issued by the Department of Permits & Inspection Services in 2017. Delimit your results by zip code using the filter.

Permits Issued by Year (2010 - 2017)
There were 73,097 permits issued by the Department of Permit & Inspection Services from 2010 through 2017. Permit and license applications have become increasingly available online through the use of the ePermit service.
Permit issuance tends to fluctuate throughout the year, increasing in volume during the warmer months and declining for the duration of winter. Overall issuance has trended upward in recent years, with a 16% increase in annual permits issued from 2010 to 2017.
Use the search option to look at a time series of permits issued for particular description of permitted work. For example, if you filter to capture the issuance of  only furnace-related permits, you'll see a 600% increase between June and December.

Permits Issued by Council District (2010 - 2017)
This times series illustrates the distribution of permits issued for associated properties within Buffalo's nine common council districts. The proportion of permits issued by each district from 2010-2017 was consistent over time, with Fillmore District acquiring more permits than any other district each year.
Try the filter to view a timeline visualizing data within a specific value range.

Permits Types Issued by Council District (2007 - Present)
The distribution of permit types issued can be visually compared across common council districts with the chart below. To view the summary statistics for each district, hover over the district name in the vertical axis. For information regarding a particular permit type within a district, scroll over the corresponding color in the district's horizontal bar.
Top Ten Permit Types (2007 - Present)
Of the ten most commonly issued permit types in the past eleven years, repair permits have constituted nearly a third of total issuances, and electrical permits follow closely at 27% of the total composition. 

Department of Permit and Inspection Services
The Department of Permit and Inspection Services oversees all development and uses on private property in the City of Buffalo.
Their mission is to guide residents and property owners through the license and/or permit process and to review and inspect projects to ensure safety and compliance with the New York State Building and Fire Code, the Buffalo Green Code, and all other appropriate codes or ordinances.