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Join Us for Data 101

The City of Buffalo's Data Course
Develop the skills to be data-smart! Apply today!
Are you a Buffalonian who wants to learn more about the City?
Do you want to acquire the data skills necessary to use Open Data Buffalo, the City's official open data portal, to more effectively advocate for your communities and have informed discussions with your elected representatives?
Read below to learn more about Data 101, the City of Buffalo's data course, geared toward people like you to help you learn about data, the open data movement, data visualization, data analysis, and Open Data Buffalo!


Our vision for Data 101 is to cultivate and support a data-savvy public equipped with analytic and technical data skills that can bolster their efforts to create a higher quality of life for their communities, from helping to strengthen neighborhood improvement grant applications to having a better understanding of what's happening in our City.


Before convening Data 101, the City is asking the public to crowdsource the curriculum so the class covers information, lessons, issues and topics that are important to our community. We aim to receive feedback from local and national data experts, community activists, block club leaders, engaged residents, elected officials, and government employees alike. Share your feedback through our Facebook platform here, through our webpage survey, or by emailing us at


Data 101 will be a multi-session course designed to introduce data fundamentals and help residents unlock features of the Open Data Buffalo portal to benefit their communities. If you are interested in applying to attend the University, please fill out this application e-form, visit the Division of Citizen Services (218 City Hall) to pick up a paper copy, or print an application by clicking here


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Apply now to be a student at Data 101! 
and learn how to build a visualization like the one to the right (311 pothole service requests in 2018 in Niagara District) and generate insight about your community using data that the City collects each and every day as we provide services to the residents of our great city.
Our vision for Data 101 is to foster the development of a data-smart public. We'd like to show Buffalonians how to make sense of data and generate insight through analysis. 
The tools you will gain in this class can bolster your efforts to create a higher quality of life for your community. If you are interested in registering as a course participant, click here to submit an application form.

Help craft the curriculum!

We are looking for help building our curriculum from data professionals, academics, community activists, block club leaders, elected officials, and government employees. 
  • Are you interested in being a student? What would you like to learn about data and open data?
  • Are you a data expert? What should we be teaching? What is important for students to know?
Share your feedback, comments, and recommendations through our Facebook page: Data 101: Shaping the Curriculumour webpage survey, or by emailing us at

Support Data 101!

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Data 101 Timeline

November 1st, 2018

Crowdsourcing Period Ends
Applications Due

November 9th, 2018

Acccepted Students Notified

November 27th, 2018

Class #1

December 4th, 2018

Class #2

December 11th, 2018

Class #3

December 18th, 2018

Class #4

December 20th, 2018

Final Presentations and Graduation Ceremony