About Us

Our Vision
Buffalo is a data-smart city. Leadership and employees use data to continuously improve City services and operations. City staff has the support, skills and capacity to collect, manage, and use data effectively and efficiently. Our data is understood, documented and of high quality. Our data infrastructure provides data that is usable, timely, and accessible. Published data supports broad and unanticipated uses of City data and supports trust, transparency and accountability.
Our Mission
To facilitate knowledge transfer, insight, data-driven decisions, and innovation through the publication of open data.

What is Open Data Buffalo?
Open Data Buffalo is the City's official open data program that makes public information publicly available for free in easily accessible formats.
In August 2017, Mayor Byron W. Brown signed an Open Data Policy that had been drafted and put online for public annotation in order to create a policy responsive to public needs. A key component of implementation was the launch of the Open Data Buffalo portal.
Whether you are an inquiring resident or a software developer, Open Data Buffalo is an invaluable resource for anyone to easily access data published by the City. Open Data Buffalo acts as a bridge between you and the City. Instead of going through a formal process to request information, you are able to instantly review, compare, visualize, analyze and share your data discoveries!

Getting Started
Open Data Buffalo is a valuable resource meant for everyone. Here are some resources to help you learn how to use the portal.
Click above for step-by-step instructional videos designed to teach you the basics.
Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to find common troubleshooting solutions. 
Want to learn more? Stay tuned for Data 101, the City's upcoming data course geared to help residents learn about all things data!

Reports and Dashboards
Dashboards are analyses of datasets found within the Open Data Buffalo portal to provide insights and easier understanding of the most important and relevant information. Some of these dashboards utilize external tools and websites and are examples of what can be done with data on this portal.