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Code Violations

Check out the City of Buffalo Department of Permit and Inspection Services past and current code violations by scrolling over the interactive graphics below. Pursuant to the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and applicable chapters of the City Charter, the Department of Permit & Inspection Services (DPIS) issues violations against conditions on properties that have been verified to violate the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code and City ordinances. Violations are issued when an inspection verifies that a violation exists. 
To learn more about the Department of Permit and Inspection Services, head over to the Department of Permit and Inspection Services website. To view current and/or archived New York State building standards and codes, see the International Code Council and New York State Building Standards and Codes web pages. To see City of Buffalo ordinances, view our City Charter and Buffalo Green Code. To report a code violation, click here. For additional information on a particular violation, please contact the Department of Permit and Inspection Services office by calling 716-851-4949.

Active Code Violations
The map below displays code violations with an active status. 
Adjust the drop-down menus in the search bar to filter your map by status, code, and/or code section. 

Active Code Violations by Council District
Active Code Violations by Neighborhood

Active Fire-Related Violations
This interactive heat map displays active violations in the Fire Protection Systems, Fire-Resistance Ratings, and Fire Code sections. Adjust the drop-down filters to delimit your search by new parameters, or change your zoom to get a closer look at hot spots.

Distribution of Top 20 Code Sections Violated
This pie chart displays the distribution of the 20 most common code violations. 
The Property Maintenance Code is the most frequently violated code and comprises nearly 1/3 of total violations. This code constitutes the minimum requirements and standards for premises, structures, equipment and facilities for light, ventilation, space, heating, sanitation, protection from the elements, a reasonable level of safety from fire and other hazards, and for a reasonable level of sanitary maintenance.

Distribution of Top 10 Codes Violated in Property Maintenance Section
This bar chart displays the distribution of the 10 most common codes violated in the Property Maintenance section. Nearly a quarter of property maintenance violations involve code PM-304.7 which establishes the minimum standards for roofs and drainage.  
To view the 10 most common violations of a different code section, adjust the drop-down filter to alter your chart.

Monthly Code Violations (3/1/2016 - Present)
This time series displays the number of code violations issued from March 1st, 2016. Scroll over the timeline to view monthly breakdowns of issued violations.

Daily Code Violations (Closed) by Council District (January 1, 2018 - Present)
This time series shows closed code violations issued by day this year, grouped by council district. Click and drag to pan the chart and extend your view. 

Monthly Code Violations (2018)
This time line displays code violations issued by month in 2018. Violation issuance peaked in March and gradually decreased throughout the year with a slight spike in October. 

Department of Permit and Inspection Services
The Department of Permit and Inspection Services oversees all development and uses on private property in the City of Buffalo, ranging from a new patio in a residential backyard to the construction of a new multi-story office building. Their mission is to guide residents and property owners through the license and/or permit process. They review and inspect projects to ensure safety and compliance with the New York State Building and Fire Code, the Buffalo Green Code, and all other appropriate codes or ordinances.
The Department of Permit and Inspection Services responds to code violations on consistently non-compliant properties/owners with tickets, board-ups, clean & cut requests, or referral to housing court.