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Check out the information provided by the Department of Parking on tows and parking summonses in the City of Buffalo with the interactive visuals below. If you'd like to know more about the City of Buffalo's new parking initiative launched in 2017, check out the Buffalo Roam App. To see more data on tows performed in Buffalo, head over to City-Towed Vehicles on the City's website. 

Number of Individual Tows by Council District (2007 - Present)
This density map is shaded to indicate the proportion of individual tows performed on behalf of the Parking Violations Bureau in each of Buffalo's nine Common Council Districts. Hover your cursor over the map to see the total number of tows from each district since 2007.

Distribution of Tow Reasons (2007 - Present) 
This chart displays the ten reasons vehicles were towed over the past twelve years. Nearly half of all tows performed were due to illegal vehicles. Illegal vehicles are those which have no inspection, an expired inspection, no registration, an expired registration, no insurance, and/or were driven by an unlicensed operator. 

Parking Summonses Issued by Month (2008 - Present)
The following time series indexes the number of parking summonses issued by the Division of Parking Enforcement, the Buffalo Police Department, and other agencies permitted to write summonses on behalf of the City of Buffalo. As you can see, the number of parking summonses issued fluctuates throughout the year, but typically falls between 12,000 and 18,000 summonses per month. 

Parking Summonses Issued By Census Tract and Council District
(2007 - Present)
The following density maps illustrate the distribution of parking infractions across census tracts and council districts in Buffalo. Adjust the search parameter in the drop-filter menu to view your density plot with specific violation descriptions such as parking on the sidewalk, blocking a driveway, or lacking an inspection sticker. 

Ten Most Common Parking Violations (2007 - Present) 
This pie chart shows the proportion of parking summonses issued for each of the ten most common reasons. Constituting 41% of the overall summonses, failure to abide by alternate side parking regulations is the most frequently cited infraction. 

Top Ten Parking Violations by Council District (2007 - Present) 
To complement the pie chart above, the following graph shows the proportion of parking summonses issued for each of the ten most common violation reasons distributed across Buffalo's nine common council districts. 
To see the summary statistics for the violation reasons specific to each district, hover over the district's title on the vertical axis. To focus on a specific violation reason within a district, move your cursor over the corresponding color in the chart. Adjust the filter setting to modify results based on the original fine value of each summons. 

Parking Summonses Issued by Ten Most Common Violations (2018)
This time series breaks down the violations for which parking summonses were issued in each month of 2018. The distribution is fairly constant throughout the year, but show an increase in alternate parking violation summonses during the colder winter months. 

Parking Summonses Issued by Street Name (2007 - Present)
This column chart shows how many parking summonses have been issued on each street in Buffalo. Nearly twice as many parking violations occur on Elmwood Avenue as compared to any other street in the city.
To search for details on a specific street's parking summonses total or to look at a street segment within a particular council district, use the drop down filters. Click and drag to pan the chart and extend your view. 

Ten Most Common Violation Streets (2007 - Present)
This bar chart displays the names of streets where drivers most often received parking summonses over the last 12 years with different colors identifying the council district in which the violation occurred. Many parking summonses have occurred in Buffalo's business districts, and none of the top ten violation streets fall within the Lovejoy Council District.
City of Buffalo Department of Parking
The City of Buffalo Department of Parking is committed to providing excellent customer service to both residents and visitors who are parking throughout the City. Committed to providing quality, professional help, the department’s main goal is to provide affordable, safe and public parking citywide.